The Fine Thread of Life


The fragile and translucent nature of the fabric is important to my work, the way the light plays a part and the space it occupies. I have taken my appreciation of sculptural body forms into my present work and I have based the pieces on my own life studies and figurative drawings. The stitch represents the drawn line and the emotional response to my sketches. Using chiffon and machine stitch I have taken on the challenge to push the boundaries of the fabric to create ghost-like sculptural forms.


With The Fine Thread of Life the fabric represented in the naked form relates to the vulnerability and fragility of our bodies, the delicacy of life and the absence of the soul.


The torso with the absence of the vital organs creates the image of the soulless figure. I have looked with my work to combine different stages of emotion as a result of living with loss and the emotional impact this creates.


Leaving all but the memory of the person who once occupied the space.